Exterior to Interior Walkthrough

This walkthrough was produced entirely using the 3DS Max default scanline renderer. While it would have been much nicer to use a more advanced renderer such as mentalray or vray it all had to be produced using a single MacPro - no render farms in sight here! To get around these limitations a fair amount of work was carried out to "up the visual quality" through the use of techniques like baking global illumination solutions and generation of environment maps (for faked reflection/refraction). 


Research Examples

Most of this footage is research carried out in 3DS Max for a Health & Safety feature. All physics were calculated using the Havok physics module while the flame tests were produced using a third party plugin - FumeFX. The outdoor scene was an early test to work out how to use another plugin - speedTree, as well as to experiment with methods for road texturing.


Logo Animations

While these 2 logo animations look similar they were actually produced in very different ways.

BBI Logo

When approaching how the BBI logo was to be animated the obvious direction to take was to play off it's hand drawn nature. The animation itself was developed in Flash using a program called ToonBoom Studio - which is a little more geared towards traditional animation techniques. To achieve the appearance of the logo being drawn into place I simply progressively erased it and then reversed the animation frames produced. The timing was informed by recording sound effects prior to this using a piece of sand paper and some fabric!

Castlegate Logo

Although it is quite 2 Dimensional in appearance this logo animation was actually produced in 3D Studio Max. The reason for this is that the brief was to produce a logo animation that was to be placed at the beginning of a video sequence. So rather than using something like flash, I decided to use a 3D program in order to take advantage of effects like motion blur which I think add to the excitement of the big movements involved. A suitable sound effect was selected prior to animation, to make sure that everything synced up nicely.


Animated Presentations

These presentations (abridged versions shown here) were produced using Apple Keynote.

LBG Presentation

This presentation was produced for Lloyds Banking Group and so it was great fun reproducing a "full screen" version of the classic Lloyds logo for use on the various slides. All graphics were produced in Adobe Illustrator and then imported into keynote for arrangement and animation.

Style Guide Concept

This presentation was produced as a possible concept of a style guide for use by the client. The idea being that it could be distributed throughout the clients company and act as a guide for their staff when expanding / refurbishing their premises. To that end it was designed to be reminiscent of school textbooks with bright colours.


Newsletter Examples

These newsletters were produced as part of a regular quartely publication with the intention of furthering the company brand and keeping potential clients abreast of any developments. The style was intentionally fun and informal, with all graphics developed in-house by myself using a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The documents themselves were developed in Adobe Indesign.

Please note that these thumbnails link to some flash based versions of the documents. If you do not have flash installed or would prefer to view them as pdfs then simply click on the text link below each thumbnail.