Unity Tests

Here are a few tests I've been conducting using Unity's Mecanim animation system. They are realtime demos so to view properly you will need to install the Unity WebPlayer plugin (a relatively painless process). Just click on the links below to launch them in a new window. Failing that I've uploaded some video captures as well!

 Mecanim Test (Unity WebPlayer)


Ragdoll Test (Unity Webplayer)


Follow using Mecanim Test (Unity Webplayer)


Architectural Realtime Visualisation

This visualisation was carried out in my role at DoVisualisation for interior design / project management company Loosemore.

WebBuild sml from Jonathan Raymond Westlake on Vimeo.

 If you have (or are willing to install!) the Unity Webplayer plugin, then you can view it live in browser here. **Don't forget to click in the view once it's finished loading to activate it**


Character Animation (Uni Work)

This is a quick example of some character work I produced as part of my final project in University (back in 2004/5!). Just a quick note: the audio did originally sync up perfectly but the file has since been converted from flash video and some framerate issues have resulted in it moving out of sync in the process.



Realtime 3D Assets

*JUST ADDED! Click here to open a Unity Web Player scene presenting a very small snapshot of some of these assets in realtime.

Here is a quick rough snapshot of some of the realtime assets I have been producing over the course of the last 9 months or so. I'll be adding a more in depth look at them soon!


3D Modelling Examples

This is just a small selection of some of the models I have produced for various 3D renderings. The models themselves are composed of high resolution meshes constructed using a combination of patch modelling and polygon modelling within 3DS Max, and in some cases Maya. I hope to upload some examples of lower resolution single mesh models soon!