WIP: M4 Sherman Realtime Asset
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 1:25PM
Jonathan Raymond Westlake

This project involved the modelling and texturing of realtime art assets for use in Unity game engine on the early access steam game "Tracks & Turrets". The modelling (carried out in ZBrush) was initially based on blueprints of an M4 Sherman (Firefly Variant) tank. As the development process progressed it was decided that the tanks would work better in game if they had more exaggerated "micro machine style" proportions so alterations were made to the model. Once finalised the model was unwrapped in ZBrush with some unwrapping carried out in Maya and the texturing process was carried out in Substance Painter in order to quickly create 3 variants - default, desert and winter. Some testing was then carried out in Unity using simple scripts before delivery of the final package to the rest of the team. 



M4 Sherman from Jonathan Raymond Westlake on Vimeo.


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