To further the development of my own skills by working with inspirational people who excel in related fields.


A motivated, disciplined individual with a diverse, highly technical range of skills, experienced in the production of 2D and 3D art assets using industry standard tools.


Principal Visualisation Specialist, WSP UK Ltd, Cardiff — 2016-Present

Responsible for the production of realtime environments and assets for the use in Unity game engine as well as intermediate level software development using C#. Projects of note include a 3km corridor of Rail track and station redevelopment, a highways development VR model as well as the integration of VISSIM traffic simulation data and LEGION pedestrian simulation data into Unity.

3D Artist, Do Digital Realities, Taffs Well, Cardiff — 2013-2016

Responsible for the production of realtime environments and assets for the use in Unity game engine and VR applications as well as pre-rendered visualisations.

3D Modeller, General Dynamics UK, Newbridge, Caerphilly — 2012-2013

Originally planned as a 6 month contract this was then extended to 9 months. The project involved working within a team of 10+ people to produce realtime 3D assets. These were required for the development of a training simulation for the camera operators based in the new expansion building currently under construction around the holy site in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This was a challenging project involving a close working relationship with 2 other artists and a team of around 6 software developers. Communication with other departments was also essential to facilitate such things as site surveys and drawing acquisitions. The responsibilities included:

  •  The modelling/sculpting of various 3D assets from existing photography and dimensioning.
  •  Texture mapping, texture production and baking of 3D assets.
  •  Environment modelling and lighting from existing plans and reference photography..
  • Initial development of a prototype character model including texturing, rigging and basic animation cycles. This also involved working with the development team to help develop the art pipeline side of a crowd variation system.
  • Close collaboration with the development team to help develop our animation pipeline for integration of animated assets into the engine.

3d visualisation, beacons business interiors, Brecon, powys — 2005-2012

Primarily responsible for the visualisation of interior designs as well as the production of more marketing oriented illustrations. These were produced as stills and sequences using industry standard applications to an extremely high level of quality. The main responsibilities of this position included: 

  • Environment modelling from existing plans and concept sketches.
  • Scene layout - positioning of 3D assets, camera positioning / paths etc.
  • Lighting setup and where necessary baking of global illumination.
  • Production of reflection environment maps.
  • Scene animation, asset animation.
  • Final scene rendering as well as post production, video editing, etc.


  • University of Teesside, Middlesbrough — (BA) Computer Animation, 2005.
  • Brecon High School, Brecon, Powys — (A-Levels) Physics, Maths, Biology, 2000.



  • Experienced at low polygon modelling with consideration for animation and texturing for realtime systems / resource conscious rendering setups.
  • High detail modelling and sculpting of both organic and hard surface subjects for the generation of normal / displacement maps / ambient occlusion etc.
  • Efficient texture mapping with experience of seam minimisation vs. texture space usage. 
  • Texture production, involving traditional image manipulation and texture baking.
  • Character rigging and setting up of deformation envelopes, etc.
  • Keyframe animation - characters, scenery objects, cameras, etc.
  • Some basic scripting knowledge that enable the automation of many repetitive tasks.
  • Good communication skills and experience of working both solely on projects as well as on projects involving the close collaboration essential to a productive team environment.
  • A valid clean UK driving license.


  • 3D Studio Max 2013, Maya 2013, ZBrush 4R5, Adobe Creative Suite CS6
  • Quick to learn any new piece of software thanks to many years of experience using a variety of packages.


  • Oculus Rift - Devkit ordered!
  • Unity 3D Game Engine - working on getting to grips with this, must improve scripting skills!
  • A recurring passing interest in computer programming (which I will get to the bottom of!).
  • Any developments in any software / hardware which might be of use to me.
  • Anything Pixar produces, anything Apple produces, anything Bungie produces!
  • New developments in Science and Technology - a regular reader of New Scientist magazine.
  • Hard Science Fiction - New, Old, Space Operas, Existential, etc. a soft spot for short stories.
  • Manga, Anime, Japanese culture, Western Graphic Novels (ok, comics).
  • Drumming - proud owner of a Roland TD9-KX! 2 years and counting...
  • Tennis (when it’s sunny), squash (when it’s not), Paintballing and Airsoft!